Sine With Noise

Ten-cycle sine wave with added uniform white noise, 500 data points.

Here we have added random noise to a sine wave. Observe how the underlying periodicity of the system is still observable. Note the difference in distance values between this system and the sine wave wihtout noise. Also note that the recurrence plot below contains many single colored pixels which are not part of a diagonal line; this is indicative of non-determinism in a system.



There are several basic features shown in this example. Given the periodicity of this sine wave, values in the data set repeat periodically. This is evident in the recurrence matrix above, where the pattern repeats itself. (See also the example "Sine Wave" with 413 data points.)

Note the even shading density in the recurrence matrix and that the number of dots in the recurrence plot does not vary as distance from the main diagonal increases. This indicates stationarity in the data set.


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